View public fishing areas and NCWRC-managed trout streams. Search by type of access (i.e. piers, boat ramps, universal access, etc.), species, access sites in a specific county and within a distance from a location, or by water body.

Locate Public Mountain Trout Waters and regulatory classifications. Visit the Trout Fishing page for more information about trout fishing in the state.

Create and download a personal fishing access guide as a PDF.

Find information on more than 500 fish attractor sites deployed by NCWRC and cooperators in over 50 water bodies in North Carolina. Many sites are marked with buoys. Images of fish attractors commonly used by the NCWRC.

GPS coordinates for each fish attractor are available in either an Excel file type or GPX file type. Map datum used for these files is WGS84. 

Current stream flow conditions, projected release schedules from hydro power stations.