Welcome to the Hunter Education Program

Welcome to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Hunter Education Program. As an instructor, you are an important and valued member of the hunter education team. This section was developed to provide you with news and updates as well as teaching aids and resources.

Hunting is a lifelong activity. The knowledge, skills and attitudes your students learn during their formal hunter education training and their experiences afield are extremely important to the future generation of hunters. Your students are the caretakers of our rich natural resources. As a hunter education instructor, you are in a unique position to have a positive impact on each of your students.

The commitment that you have made to the hunter education program is a reflection of the appreciation and concern that you have for our wildlife resources. We hope that you will find your experience as a hunter education instructor to be a rewarding one. The Hunter Education team is dedicated to supporting your efforts as an instructor and working together toward achieving our common goals.