Ways to Conserve

Carolina Herp Atlas:
  • The Carolina Herp Atlas is a map tool and database developed by the Davidson College Herpetology Laboratory and Davidson College Information Technology Services.  The primary objective is to provide detailed data on the distribution of reptiles and amphibians of North and South Carolina.  After registering and logging into the atlas, you can add records and keep track of reptile and amphibian observations and their geographic locations.

Conservation Recommendations:

Programs and workshops:

The Conservation Registry Portal:
  • The Conservation Registry portal has a predefined search function that allows someone to search for Project Assistance and Partnership (volunteer) opportunities.  It will return a list of projects identified by name and county (location) with a link to more details, including who to contact.

Ways to Conserve Fish

Fish and water conservation:

Fish populations:

Fishing Programs:

Striped bass catch and release:

Trout fishing access: