Game and Furbearer Program

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission's Game and Furbearer (G&F) Program (formerly known as the Surveys and Research Program) is housed within the agency’s Wildlife Management Division. Program responsibilities principally include surveys, research and regulations for game and furbearer species. The mission of the G&F Program is to 1) ensure the long-term viability and sustained harvest of game and furbearer populations by providing the best possible scientific information on the status and management of each species and its habitats so that regulations and management are based on objective data; and 2) participate in planning and coordination of management directives based on sound science.

Annual Summary Report

2021 Game and Furbearer Program Summary Report (High Resolution ~17 MBs PDF)

2021 Game and Furbearer Program Summary Report (Lower Resolution ~3MBPDF)


G&F Program staff include (as of October 2021)

Chris Kreh– Assistant Chief and Program Coordinator

Doug Howell – Migratory Game Bird Coordinator

Vacant – Upland Game Bird Biologist

Colleen Olfenbuttel – Black Bear and Furbearer Biologist

Moriah Boggess – Deer Biologist

Andrea Shipley – Mammalogist (shared staff with Wildlife Diversity Program)

Joe Fuller – Program Supervisor

Vacant – Wildlife Health Biologist 

Ryan Myers – Wildlife Surveys Biologist 

Past Reports

These reports are issued annually and represent of many of the recurring survey activities and current research within the G&F Program. Information included is an overview and does not represent the full report on these individual activities.

2020 Report (Low-resolution ~3 MBs PDF)

2020 Report (Lower-resolution ~6MBPDF)

2019 Report (High-resolution PDF; 17 MBs)

2019 Report (Low-resolution PDF; 3 MBs)

2018 Report (High-resolution PDF; 16 MBs)

2018  Report (Low-resolution PDF; 2 MBs)