Learning About North Carolina's Wildlife Resources

Help sustain North Carolina’s wildlife and habitats by learning more about them.


Includes natural history and habitat information about North Carolina's mammal, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, crustaceans and mollusks species including species profiles.


Descriptions of North Carolina's four main eco-regions with specific information about habitats and species within each eco-region.

Education Centers

Location, contacts, hours of operation and accessibility information for education centers located in each region of state; Coastal, Piedmont and Mountain.

Courses, Seminars & Workshops

Education Centers' program calendars, courses (boating and hunting), program (Becoming an Outdoor Woman, Green Growth Toolbox), seminars, workshops and resources for formal/non-formal educators, i.e. lesson and activity plans, pilot programs. 

Laws & Safety

Read about rules and regulations that apply to hunting, fishing, trapping, non-game and other regulations.


Regulations Digest for fishing, hunting and trapping; N.C. Wildlife Action Plan; How-to/Guides; Species information; Newsletters; Land Conservation; Assistance & Partnerships and additional resources and information related to hunting, trapping, fishing and boating.

Have a Wildlife Problem?

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