Flintlock Valley Shooting Range

The Flintlock Valley Shooting Range is a partnership between the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission and U.S. Forest Service. 

Address: 1359 Moccasin Creek Rd, Troy, NC 27371

Operating Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday (10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Memorial Day to Labor Day; Tuesday - Saturday (9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Labor Day to Memorial Day. Closed Sunday, Monday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Cost: Daily pass fee $10 per person per day; annual pass $60 per year. Passes my be purchased from: 

  • Uwharrie National Forest, 789 NC Hwy. 24/27 East, Troy, NC (910-576-6391) 
  • Uwharrie Sportsman, 4593 Hwy. 24/27 West, Mt. Gilead, NC (910-439-4336)
  • Eldorado Outpost, 4021 Hwy. 109 North, Troy, NC (910-572-3474)
  • Uwharrie Trails General Store, 4568 N.C. Hwy. 109 North, Troy, NC (910-571-0100)


U.S. Forest Service Information


  • 100-yard rifle range with 7 shooting stations
  • 25-yard pistol range with 4 shooting stations


Range Rules

Contact: Jason Lampart - 704-244-0245

Shooting Range Closings

RangeSorted By Shooting<br>Range In Ascending Order
Reason for
John F Lentz Hunter Education complex Richmond8/12/22 - 8/13/22AIW
John F Lentz Hunter Education complex Richmond8/6/22GSO
Wake County Firearms Education and Training CenterWake7/01/2022-FallPlanned replacement of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Lead Reclamation Project

Lead reclamation from front.   Lead reclamation from overhead.


The Commission’s shooting range program strives to implement best management practices that ensure exceptional environmental health and habitat conservation at our shooting ranges. Lead reclamation (or lead recovery) is one of best management practices that is implemented every six to eight years. Recovering lead on shooting ranges reduces the risk of ricochets, bullet fragmentation and lead mobilization in runoff. Once the bullets are removed from the berm soil using separation machinery, the lead is sent to a certified recycler to be smelted down and reused.

More than 15,000 pounds of lead was recovered and recycled from the Flintlock Shooting Range in Aug. 2019. 


Flintlock Valley Shooting Range

NCWRC Target

Before you visit the range, be sure to print a target

Shooting Range Target