Hunting Heritage Program


What is the Hunting Heritage Program?

The Hunting Heritage Program was developed for the purpose of conserving and maintaining North Carolina’s rich hunting heritage for current and future generations and is based on the premise that “it takes a hunter to make a hunter” and that the Recruitment and Retention of hunters is critical to long-term conservation and management of North Carolina’s wildlife resources.


Do your part and mentor someone new to hunting this year!

The concept for the Hunting Heritage Program initially came about as a result of a “think-tank” workshop conducted by Responsive Management entitled, Hunter Retention and Recruitment in North Carolina: Analysis and Implications from the Maintaining the Heritage 2005 Workshop.

Then in 2007, a Hunting Heritage Program Strategic Plan was developed and approved by the NCWRC. The strategic plan lists strategies and action items for addressing hunter recruitment and retention issues in North Carolina.



“Those of us privileged to take to the field are entrusted by fate and circumstance to hold and nurture the hunter’s legacy.”
                                                                                                                                                         -Theodore Roosevelt-