Community Fishing Program (CFP)


Some of the state's best fishing for channel catfish can be found at any of the 40+ lakes (and one stream) across North Carolina that have been designated Community Fishing Program (CFP) sites. Community Fishing Program sites are intensively managed bodies of water receiving monthly stockings of catchable-sized channel catfish from April-September. In addition, many Community Fishing Program sites feature a handicap-accessible fishing pier and solar-powered fish feeders to make fishing more enjoyable for all anglers. Program sites are ideal for families seeking enjoyable and economical fishing trips. All North Carolina fishing regulations apply.

Here's how it works
Community Fishing Program sites are operated cooperatively by the Commission and local governments. The Commission provides 75% of the operating funds through the Sport Fish Restoration Fund, while the local government funds 25% and provides the fishing site. The program is open to the public, and many sites have regular opening and closing hours. Most are located in city- or county-owned parks, so other recreational opportunities are usually available. These lakes often serve dual roles as both Community Fishing Program sites and Tackle Loaner Program sites. Contact the Commission at (919) 707-0220 for a complete list of all Community Fishing Program sites.

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