Summary Fact Sheets

On this page is information highlighting past and ongoing research studies as well as summaries of monitoring surveys conducted by Commission staff on sport fish and other species throughout North Carolina. Information on fishing access and general management information can be found here as well.

2019 - Sportfish in the New River, Onslow County-2018 (PDF)

2019 - Fishing in the Mebane-Burlington Area (PDF)

2019 - High Rock Lake Black Crappie Population Dynamics 2000-2016 (PDF)

2019 - Fishing in Wake County (PDF)

2019 - Engaging North Carolina’s Trout Anglers and Other Stakeholders to Help Conserve Eastern Hellbenders (PDF)

2019 - Largemouth Bass Stunting and the Prevalence of Small Bass (PDF)

2019 - Black Crappie in B. Everett Jordan Lake: 15 Years of Population Monitoring (PDF)

2018 - The Bridgewater Tailrace Brown Trout Fishery (PDF)

2018 - 2018 Catfish Survey in the New River, Onslow County, NC (PDF)

2018 - Lake Tillery Black Crappie Population Assessment - 2017 (PDF)

2018 - An Overview of the Shearon Harris Reservoir Habitat Enhancement Project (PDF)

2018 - Suitability of Stocked Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout for Trophy Management in Apalachia Reservoir (PDF)

2018 - Assessing Angler Use and Demographics at Three Sandhills Game Land Lakes Using Trail Cameras (PDF)

2018 - Long-term Assessment and Adaptive Management of Sutton Lake Largemouth Bass (PDF)

2018 - Badin Lake Largemouth Bass Population Assessment - 2017 (PDF)

2018 - An Overview of the Lake Gaston Largemouth Bass Fishery (2010-2016) (PDF)

2018 - Flathead in Tar River - 2018 (PDF)

2018 - Status of Largemouth Bass and Pumpkinseed in Lake Phelps - 2017 (PDF)

2018 - An Overview of the Falls Lake Largemouth Bass Fishery (PDF)

2018 - Winter Trout Stocking in CFP Ponds (PDF)

2018 - Roanoke River American Shad Spawning Stock Survey (PDF)

2017 - An Overview of the Shearon Harris Reservoir Largemouth Bass Fishery 2007-2017 (PDF)

2017 - Assessing Blue Catfish Population Dynamics in Lake Gaston (PDF)

2017 - Black Bass Population Characteristics in Lake Norman After the Introduction of Alabama Bass (PDF)

2017 - Economic Impacts of Mountain Trout Fishing Fact Sheet (PDF)

2017 - Effects of a Regulation Change on White Bass in Jordan Lake (PDF)

2017 - Evaluation of Multiple Stocking Sites for Striped Bass Fingerlings on Badin Lake Using Genetic Tagging (PDF)

2017 - Lake Mattamuskeet Largemouth Bass Stocking Evaluation (PDF)

2017 - Lake Phelps Creel Survey September 2016-August 2017 (PDF)

2017 - Monitoring the Effects of Hydrilla Removal on Fish and Crayfish Communities in the Eno River (PDF)

2017 - Mountain Trout Fishing: Trout Angler Opinion Survey (PDF)

2017 - Mountain Trout Fishing: Understanding Landowners' Views Fact Sheet (PDF)

2017 - Movement of Triploid Grass Carp in the Pee Dee River (PDF)

2017 - Status of North Carolina's Herring Population - 10 Years Post Moratorium (PDF)

2016 - Assessing Spawning Activity of Anadromous Species in the Cape Fear River (PDF)

2016 - Roanoke River Striped Bass Spawning Stock Assessment  (PDF; 1.3 MB)

2016 - Sutton Lake Angler Survey – July 2015 – June 2016 (PDF)

2016 - Use of Trail Cameras to Assess Angler Usage on Trout Streams (PDF)