NCWRC Hatcheries:

The  Inland Fisheries Division operates six fish hatcheries that raise a variety of fish for stocking into North Carolina's public waters. These hatcheries are designated as "warmwater", "coolwater" or "coldwater" hatcheries. Because state-operated hatcheries stock only public waters, people seeking to stock private lakes and ponds must contact a commercial hatchery. 


Warmwater Hatcheries

McKinney Lake State Fish Hatchery (Richmond County)

Watha State Fish Hatchery (Pender County)


Coolwater Hatchery

Table Rock State Fish Hatchery (Burke County)

Armstrong State Fish Hatchery (McDowell County)


Coldwater Hatcheries

Armstrong State Fish Hatchery (McDowell County)

Bobby N. Setzer State Fish Hatchery (Transylvania County)

Marion State Fish Hatchery (McDowell County)


Commercial Hatcheries

The Wildlife Commission does not stock private ponds. To stock a private pond, visit the N.C. Dept. of Agriculture Commerical Hatcheries page.

For more information on stocking and pond management visit North Carolina State University Fisheries and Pond Management Extension page.

To stock an inland (freshwater), public fishing water in North Carolina with fish, mollusks or crustaceans requires a stocking permit, issued by the Wildlife Commission. Learn more.

At the Hatchery