Stocking Public, Inland Waters

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission's five hatcheries annually produce more than 6 million fish for stocking into the state's public inland waters.  Bobby N. Setzer, Marion and Armstrong fish hatcheries are cold-water hatcheries, producing mainly trout, while Table Rock, a cool-water hatchery, produces mainly muskellunge. Watha and McKinney Lake - produce a variety of warmwater fishes, such as largemouth bass, channel catfish and various sunfishes.


Stocking dates are subject to change due to weather, equipment failures or other unforeseen circumstances.

Coldwater Daily Stocking Update

Coldwater Stocking by County

Trout Stocking Schedule for 2020 (PDF)

Delayed Harvest Trout Waters Stocking Dates 2020 (PDF)


Warmwater Stocking List by District (PDF)

Warmwater Stocking Summary (PDF)


Anyone interested in stocking inland, public fishing waters (public freshwaters) with fish, mollusks or crustaceans must obtain a stocking permit issued by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Learn more by visiting our fish stocking permit page


Stocking Private Waters

The NCWRC does not stock privately owned waterbodies. The N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Sciences provides a list of commercial hatcheries that will stock private waters.

Interested in managing your pond for fishing? Read the N.C. Pond Management Guide, published by the NCWRC and N.C. State Extension Service.


Stocking Grass Carp

Learn more about stocking grass carp into a private pond by visiting our grass carp stocking page.